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Uncover Our World is dedicated to bringing you an exciting and refreshing journey to discovering our world. So join us in representing the motto of History, Adventure, Challenge and Knowledge – the H.A.C.K. of travelling. Started in 2020, the Challenges to be crossed are endless, but together we can go on an Adventure, build up our Knowledge of the planet, and make a shared History

What We Do

Delivering on our motto, we aim to bring you travel guides and tips, lots of fun travel stories and anecdotes which you can read about or listen to on podcast, as well as future videos !

Also check out the merchandise store if you would like to wear the journey. Each highlight of the week Instagram photo becomes a part of the Uncover Our World travel merchandise collection.

Meet the Team

With an adventurous soul and a lover of travel, Leonardo is at the head of Uncover Our World. Join together with him as he climbs mountains, samples new foods, and generally uncovers what this world has to offer!

Leonardo Buter Profile

Leonardo Buter

Chief Exploration Officer

Currently training for a Red Belt in Taekwondo!

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